Excellent note manager with extra features


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There are many applications offering the possibility to create notes like post-its. They are developed with the user in mind, to help him remember tasks or dates, write down any data or organize those ideas you have keep always in mind.

TurboNote is not just that, TurboNote goes one step further and allows you to create notes in different colors, mange them, group them in the calendar and much more.

Each note is created and edited in an independent window whose shape and size can be modified. Furthermore, you can insert links -the program automatically detects them as URLs-, take screenshots and insert them in the notes and determine which notes will be always on top in case they are very important.

TurboNote also offers the possibility of assigning alarms to notes. That's perfect if you have a date or a meeting. Order them by groups, print them and even send them via IM or e-mail.

If you need an application to take notes as if you had that mountain of yellow papers but you don't want your desktop to be a mess, TurboNotes is perfect for you.
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